title>Art Workshops with Timothy Hawkesworth Pennsylvania

workshops - use materials to excite your creativity - draw, paint, sculpt, even write!



Norristown Arts Building

At NAB: We offer accommodation at the building for $75 a night. Call Tim for details:  610.585.6626


Artist B&B: Adrienne Jenkins offers B&B at her home in King of Prussia. Call her at 215.570.9627


Hotels: There are many hotels in the area - let us know if we can assist you.


Spring Hills Farm

Bunkhouse - limited number of persons-dormitory style with outhouse and shared bathroom, Camping ‘bring your own tent’ camping, is included in the cost of the workshop.

There are 2 –standing room tents on platforms (with bed) – $15/ night per person

Private and semi private rooms

Single rooms-1 bed- with shared bathrooms $45 /night

Double rooms-2 beds- with shared bathrooms $25/night per person


Call Lala for reservations and details 610 213 5783




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