art workshop in the poconos.

Possibly our favorite place to conduct our workshops. Here we can provide you with studio space in the stunning setting of the farm. Here you will have 350 acres to explore. This is a farm that is rooted in a deep respect and love of nature. The relationships with the land and the animals is heart-felt and as artists we get to experience this connection for ourselves. A unique opportunity in a unique place. A chance to immerse yourself in your work while being open and expanded by the rich environment of the farm.


Fall Farm Workshop at Spring Hills Farm

This six day intensive workshop brings us to the farm at one of the most beautiful times of the year.


Spring Hills Farm Extended Spring Workshop

We are offering a fourteen day workshop. Five days into the workshop there will be two days of independent studio time, without morning talks and feedback. This will allow you the opportunity to ground yourself more privately and quietly. Morning Talks and feedback will resume for the next five days of the workshop. We will end with two independent studio days.





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